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How To Understand Women

What Women Want

I have had a few requests from the gentlemen to help them, so here goes. I’m going to try and help the men understand how a woman’s mind works and how by understanding women, they can improve their relationships with them. It’s a win win situation!

This lens is going to look at what women want in a man and what women want from their men. Women are seen as emotional creatures that men just don’t understand. The reason why they don’t understand is easy. They understand us from a man’s point of view, not from a woman’s. A complete non-starter! How many times have you heard a man say “I just don’t know what women want!”.The phrase itself with instill fear into most men! Never fear understanding what women want isn’t that difficult!

Understanding Women

Hands up how many men need help understanding women? Oh yes, i can see you, there are many, many, many of you!

Understanding women doesn’t always come easily to men as they can’t understand what is completely alien to them. By this i mean they don’t think in the way that women do. They aren’t emotionally wired in the same way that women are.

Put a chick flick in the DVD player and you will be sat there with a tissue and he will be wondering why you are crying! And for a lot of men, women crying makes them feel very uncomfortable. Often their first response will be panic because they don’t know how to respond. Men will often remove themselves from a situation like this as they don’t want to do something wrong and make things worse. Then we as ladies get cross with them as they are not being supportive. Sound familiar? Understanding women does not come naturally to a lot of men.

What Women Want From Men

What women want from men is support. We want affection. We want love. What women want from men is a hug for no reason. A kiss that is unexpected. A compliment that isn’t asked for. A little bit of romance. What women want from men is communication. Communication that’s honest and genuine and that we don’t have to dig 20 feet for!

We know that we are loved by our man, but sometimes we need to hear it. Sometimes we feel insecure and just need some reassurance.

Men sometimes call women high maintenance, as they perceive that they have to put a lot of effort into their partners. This is faulty thinking that builds resentment from men thinking that they have to do so many things for their lady. Let’s look at this another way. Is it hard work to hug the woman you love because you want to? Not because you have to? Is it hard work to compliment the woman you adore because you feel it and want to express your love? Is it hard work to share your thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams with the woman you love? Of course not! Isn’t this what we all want in a loving relationship, whether we are a man or a woman? What women want from men is to be appreciated and valued and that doesn’t have to involve expensive things, its about the simple things.

This is what the woman you love needs from you!

How To Love A Woman

Every man needs to know how to love a woman. It’s essential for a happy and successful relationship. You will end up being in a relationship with a woman who adores you!

If she cries and you don’t know why, ask her! Offer her a tissue. Give her a hug. If shes not in a place to talk, make her a drink, tell her you are there for her and let her be for a while until she is ready to talk. Being supportive is how to love a woman.

You think she’s looking great today, don’t just think it, tell her! This is how to love a woman. You want to kiss her but she’s busy doing the dishes? Just kiss her! She may playfully tell you to let her finish the dishes but believe me, she is feeling great about what you just did! Showing affection is how to love a woman.

You are at work and you are thinking about her. Don’t just think it tell her! Pick up your phone and send her a text message telling her that you miss her. Women love romance. She will love it and be waiting all day to see you when you finish work.

When you feel fed up or have a problem, tell us! Women love men that communicate with them. Want to be on your own for a while with your own thoughts? Tell us! Tell us you need some time and that you will talk to us later. We love honesty! Otherwise we will wonder if we did something wrong. Women analyse things. It’s a fact. You can stop the analyzing and the drama of reaching the wrong conclusion by being honest about what you want. This is how to love a woman!

Women In Love

Women in love, love their men. Women in love want to show their men that they love them. We are happy and we want to make our men happy. If you want a loving happy relationship, then understanding women will help you have the relationship you want.

So the next time your lady asks you that question “Does my bum look big in this?”, don’t panic! And don’t lie or humor us! Women are instinctive. Have you heard of women’s intuition? Well we have it and we listen to it! Most men would stand paralyzed with fear at hearing this question. Panic about what they are going to say. If the woman you love is saying this, she is most probably feeling a little insecure and looking for some reassurance from you. That is what she is asking for. So give her what she needs. If she looks fabulous then tell her! Pay her a compliment. Tell her she looks amazing. Show her that you are attracted to her. If you don’t think she looks so great, then be tactful. A good way to respond would be “You look great honey, but i really love you in that black dress, its drives me crazy when you wear that.”

Women in love are women that are loved and appreciated by their man. If you understand women, it will enable you to have the relationship that you want. A happy and loving one! login
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