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How to Keep a Man Interested Beyond the Second Date

“He seemed so perfect” why can’t I keep a man interested?

Do you know how to keep a man interested beyond the second date? How many times have you met a great guy and thought everything was going great, but he stopped calling after the second date? You wonder what happened. He seemed so perfect and everything was going so well, at least you thought it was. This scenario will repeat itself many times during your adult dating life.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Do you feel that you never find decent men & always have to settle for average ones? In fact! You believe that decent guys don’t exist anymore?

Do you often wonder why men always lose interest in you after the first few dates…Yet you don’t know what to do about it?

Do you ask yourself why your boyfriend/husband is avoiding you & feel that maybe they are losing interest in you with time? And you can’t figure out what you might have done which is causing this?

Do you feel like all men are almost the same to the extent where it really annoys you?

Have you ever been in a relationship where your man was just too scared to commit and you didn’t know how to make him commit?

Do you fear that your man might end up with someone else…Or worse, cheat on you?

You see, it is not just about finding a guy. It’s more about finding out what is inside a guy’s head and doing all the right things to keep him wanting to stick around. Women make a lot of mistakes unaware. The biggest one is a lack of confidence.

What is it Men Want?
What types of things can you learn to change your outcome with the men you meet?

1. How confidence plays a key part in attraction and interest. Men love a challenge! They love the element of surprise, it’s like a game.

2. Clingy women are not attractive! A woman that has her own life and own interests is very important to a man. They do not need a babysitter to keep track of their every move. This makes a guy feel like he is suffocating and a trapped animal looks for a way out.

3. Jealousy is a relationship killer! The worst thing you can do is have a jealous tendency early in the relationship. Some women have a set of rules that they think a guy should abide by if they are dating them. These were probably given to them by their girlfriends in an attempt to help them. Consider this bad advice and throw it out the window.

What Can You Do?

So does this mean we as women are doomed to never find the right man? No, it just means that we need to do something different to obtain a different outcome. The old saying goes that if you” do what you’ve always done, you will get what you have always gotten”. The outcome is predictable because it has happened before. To change the outcome we have to change what we do. The most important thing to do is find out how men think and what makes them tick. If you truly understand men, you will not make the mistakes in the beginning that send him running away by the second date. You may never know exactly what triggered his “fight or flight” response, but you can find out how to avoid this response in the future.

What Things Keep a Man Interested?

1. One secret to keeping a man interested is to be mysterious. Don’t give away too much information in the early stages of dating. If he knows everything about you right off the bat, there is no need for him to continue the game. Remember men love a good game and will play as long as it keeps their attention, the minute it gets boring they are off in search of the next big thing.

2. He wants to know that you are interested but do not become his stalker! If he gives you his number do not text him non stop with your daily itinerary. Let him wonder how he is doing to impress you. Men are like big game hunters, they love the chase. If he texts you, you can reply….once.

3. Let him be the man! Now is the time to act like a respectable lady. Let him open doors for you and pull out your chair. He was probably raised to be a gentleman and although it’s a modern world, let him do those things because it makes him feel like a man. If we start doing those things because we are liberated women and we can, they will stop doing it for us. Let them kill that spider in the bathroom for you and feel like the mighty hunter!

Here are a few helpful tips
5 Tips for Keeping a Man Interested

I’m going to call these dating and relationship tips because they apply whether you are dating someone new or if you have a new relationship already and want to keep it flowing in the right direction. A guy wants someone who is not afraid to eat dessert, will go to a baseball game without worrying about getting hat hair, or is ready to backpack through the country on a moments notice. He wants someone fun and challenging. The best way to keep a relationship fresh is to keep it fun.

Be Yourself:

Dating is stressful enough without trying too hard to impress him. Just be yourself and have fun. Men appreciate a woman who can let her hair down and have a good time without worrying about messing up her hair or breaking a nail. You should be up for anything, whether it be riding a roller-coaster or country line dancing, decide that you are out to have a good time. At least if nothing else you will have a had a fun date.

Don’t obsess about your weight:

This will turn a guy off for sure.If he takes you to a nice restaurant, it won’t kill you to eat one carb loaded meal while enjoying his company. It’s one day out of your life, enjoy it because you can obsess about your diet tomorrow. Guys like a woman who keeps in shape. They don’t necessarily care about size and weight as long as you look proportionate. And if you obsess over such things, he will come to see you as needy, and insecure. Not a good quality to have. Eat good food in moderation and exercise and you’ll be just fine.

Limit Alcohol Consumption :

We all get nervous just before a date, but keep alcohol to a minimum of 2 drinks. You don’t want to get drunk and spill all your closely guarded secrets. You might say more than you realize. Or do something totally embarrassing because you less inhibited than usual. Keep yourself in check. Stick to 2 drinks and be sure to eat with them.Tropical type drinks that are made with fruit juice are usually pretty mild compared to some others. And order a glass of water to sip in between drinks. These tips help to keep you from absorbing the alcohol to quickly.

Have something interesting to say:

It’s hard to talk about ourselves and not sound like we’re bragging, but it’s good to show that you are an interesting person and have a life. Talk about something you do that is special and unique. Be an interesting person. If you like skydiving or hang gliding or horseback riding through the mountains, talk about something that happened on one of your trips. It helps to think of topics for conversation before hand. Keeps things flowing and avoid lags in conversation. Sometimes that happens and you can’t really help it, but that is a sign to you that this may not be a good prospect for you. It shouldn’t be a hard to keep someone talking once you have their attention.

You’ll be OK if he’s not “The One”

Decide before the date is over that you will be Ok if he doesn’t call you for another date. Dating is like window shopping, you may not be interested in buying at the moment.If there’s no chemistry or spark of interest between the two of you, then let it go. He’ll be polite and say he had fun. You can usually tell if you’ll be asked for a second date, judging by how the first one is going. Don’t take it personally and don’t be offended.Remember you’re window shopping too!

Maybe He’s Not That Interested
How can you tell?

If you’re a single woman then you need to know the dating secrets. These are little clues in his personality and behavior that will tell you for sure if he is into you or not. And if he’s not, then don’t waste any more of your time on him, move on to the next candidate.

Women all over the world need a way to know whether or not a guy is really interested. We change our lives every time we meet someone new. Waiting by the phone because they said they’d call and turning down plans with friends because they might miss his call.

To quote a line from the movie( and you know which one I mean) “If he’s not calling, he’s just not interested”. If he makes excuses for why he didn’t call, he’s lying! If a man really wants something he will make every effort to get it. If he’s making excuses then he just doesn’t want to hurt your feelings. It will be a different excuse the next time-please don’t’ fall for it. Once is enough, a guy who consistently makes excuses for things isn’t all that interested. login
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